it’s all about how you present yourself.

you can have as much sex as you’d like without being called a whore or a slut, if you don’t act like one. have some class, some dignity and respect about yourself and you wont be seen in a negative light. i love sex and i’ll continue to keep having sex with whomever i’d like, when ever and where ever i’d like. the difference between me and a slut is that i demand respect when i walk into any room and i’m always given it. i go buck wild in the sack and i’ve done some degrading, disgusting, filthy things but i’m still respected because i demand it.

all i’m saying is don’t act like a cheap slut and then complain about being called names. society wont change, get used to it.

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tumblr i am so happy!

caitlin is now my girlfriend. oh, i am so happy. not only is she an amazing person but she’s a beautiful soul. after eight years, we’ve finally taken it to the next step ^-^

things with elena are definitely on track. we’re getting to know each other so much more intensley and we’re complete opposites which i find work so amazingly well for us.

jason is sleeping over this friday and with my sisters 21st birthday happening, he’ll be meeting my whole family. for those of you who know me, you know how big of a step that is for me. i’m so happy though.

i have three of the most amazing people in my life and i could not be happier.

my brother, my blood, my life.
jay adam delaney
you are just more than i imagined. blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh. until the end of time, i’ll never lose faith in you. the heroism you pertain and the strength you possess. you’ll forever be my hero, you’ll forever be my angel, you’ll forever be the best man i’ve ever come to love. i never forgot you, not even for a moment. my brother, my blood, my life. i’ll never stop loving you. just being in your presence sends me into a some-what wild euphoric state of conciousness. i’ve never had anyone have as much power over me, as you. you mean more to me than you’ll ever comprehend. i will love you forever, i promise you.
how do i

tell my nephews and niece that their uncle isn’t coming home? *sigh*