helping jordon play yooyuball for the altador cup.

helping jordon play yooyuball for the altador cup.

picture of my boobs and new brassiere for tumblr.

picture of my boobs and new brassiere for tumblr.

i cannot wait to fuck my girlfriend for the first time. our first time together and her first time overall. i have so many ideas and positions in mind!

things between girlfriend, caitlin, and i are going smashingly. i’m absolutely in love as much with her now as i was when i first fell for her.

my most recent romantic interests name is jordon. i’m really digging him and the sex is absolutely amazing. the sex is hard, aggressive, passionate, and happens a lot. i’m very happy spending time with him also.

i’m currently looking for a job though i’m confused as to where to look (in what area i should be looking). i’m going to print off quite a lot of curriculum vitæs and just hand them in around where i live and in melbourne city.

this is your update.

i love my girlfriend immeasurably. the distance kills me but she is more than worth it.

i love my girlfriend immeasurably. the distance kills me but she is more than worth it.

Anonymous said: what is polyamory?

i’ve sat here a while contemplating how to answer this question in my own words but i can’t quite word it properly.

polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

does that make sense?

tumblr, i’m worried. i’m really worried. i really do like my boyfriend and i love him as a person but being poly.. i compare him to my girlfriend and i’ve known her so much longer and i know her so much better.. what if i start resenting jay for not being like cait?

Anonymous said: I honestly think its disgusting that you justify cheating

i honestly think it’s disgusting that you refuse to acknowledge and/or accept my chosen lifestyle. my girlfriend is polyamorous also and completely happy with how our relationship is going. i needn’t explain myself to you, to anyone really.

Anonymous said: if the thought of her in someone elses arms, being fucked, pleasing them and being pleased by someone else doesnt make you sick, you dont love her and you've never experienced true love.

actually, i love her enough to be okay with her loving other people.
who am i to stop her expressing her feelings for another person?
how can i truly love her if i wont let her be happy?
i have experienced true love. i have six beautiful nephews and one perfect niece that i absolutely, unconditionally, unfathomably am in love with.
i absolutely love and adore my girlfriend. i love her so much so i would not dare
prevent her being happy with someone else.
you must be a very jealous and insecure person if you honestly believe that my girlfriend and i can’t or don’t love each other because we’re happy, seeing each other happy. even when it is with someone else.

i have more great news.

i’ve been doing so much soul searching lately. i’ve finally decided on a few things. i am officially an eclectic pagan. wow, even to write that just felt.. right. i’ve told my family and friends about my polyamorous practicing. i’ve told caitlin that i want her to be my primary partner. i’m so happy that i’ve finally told her. as hard as the distance is, i know we can make it work if we were to enter into a relationship. my life is so amazing right now. best of all, my six nephews and niece are healthy and perfect.