my boyfriend is sexy.

my boyfriend is sexy.


things between girlfriend, caitlin, and i are going smashingly. i’m absolutely in love as much with her now as i was when i first fell for her.

my most recent romantic interests name is jordon. i’m really digging him and the sex is absolutely amazing. the sex is hard, aggressive, passionate, and happens a lot. i’m very happy spending time with him also.

i’m currently looking for a job though i’m confused as to where to look (in what area i should be looking). i’m going to print off quite a lot of curriculum vitæs and just hand them in around where i live and in melbourne city.

this is your update.

i have more great news.

i’ve been doing so much soul searching lately. i’ve finally decided on a few things. i am officially an eclectic pagan. wow, even to write that just felt.. right. i’ve told my family and friends about my polyamorous practicing. i’ve told caitlin that i want her to be my primary partner. i’m so happy that i’ve finally told her. as hard as the distance is, i know we can make it work if we were to enter into a relationship. my life is so amazing right now. best of all, my six nephews and niece are healthy and perfect.