last night

amber and i met up with two boys we’d never met before, rhys and daniel. the most chill as fuck, down-to-earth people i’ve ever met. they picked us up and we drove to daniels house in butt-fuck no where, aha. we played ‘kings cup’ and the four off us got absolutely shit-faced and decided to jump in the spa. after a tonne of interesting conversation amber and i started to get frisky, and we were making out. the boys had obvious raging hard-ons. amber and i lay back and stared into the stars, the boys came up behind us (rhys behind me and daniel behind amber) and they starting grabbing and feeling and it was getting too intense to be in the spa so rhys and i exited to the lounge room whilst amber and daniel retired to his room. the second i lay my head down on the couch my clothes were off. i’ve not had someone be so damn aggressive. in the start there was an extreme power struggle. i was forced to submit. i was near orgasm the entire time, he was so rough, biting and sucking on my nipples, my clit, and my neck. he choked me so hard i was near passing out so many times. when i’d take that quick breath signifying i was about to black-out, he’d let go until the sensation slowly came back into my lips, then arms, and the rest of my body. fingering me so hard and eating me out essentially the whole time. he forced me into so many positions, picking me up and just using my body however he pleased. 69 was so great, i could barely suck his cock though because i was moaning and screaming the whole time but deep-throating had it’s perks. the couch fell apart. toward the end we were fucking missionary and he pulled out and blew on my face. it was intense. i cleaned up and i lay back down, he reached over, pulled me close and we cuddled. it was nice. we tickled each others neck, back, head, and arms. we had more lovely conversations about intimate things and fell asleep together. in life i am extremely dominant and in sex i’m mostly submissive but before and after sex i remain dominant so to have someone else cuddle me is extremely rare. i never usually like it but last night it was just.. bliss. this morning i woke up and i couldn’t move. i was and am in so much pain. my nipples are bloodied and tender, the same with my vagina. i have bruises down my legs, around my arse, on my breasts, and vagina. it hurts to walk, sit, and move. best of all, they want to see us again next weekend. i have never been fucking happier! ^-^

my nephew, harley, has hydrocephalus.

hydrocephalus is the build up of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

hydrocephalus can be congenital (acquired at birth) or acquired (occurs as a result of an event whether a disease, accident or infection).

hydrocephalus can either be communicating (meaning there is no obstruction of the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid but there is mal-absorption) or obstructive (when there is a blockage of the cerebrospinal fluid flow).

harley’s hydrocephalus is communicative and congenital. i feel so sorry for my angel. he is so affectionate and very attention-seeking. he’s also extremely friendly, shy, and awkward. when his shunt(pudenz) malfunctions or he has an intense seizure my poor baby is in so much pain. i just wish there was something i could do for him. i’d not wish hydrocephalus on my worst enemy.

tumblr, i’m worried. i’m really worried. i really do like my boyfriend and i love him as a person but being poly.. i compare him to my girlfriend and i’ve known her so much longer and i know her so much better.. what if i start resenting jay for not being like cait?

i have neon green and purple tapers.

it has been two years since i’ve stretched my ears. wow. i’d forgotten the pain involved. it is such a tight feeling no matter how long i massage before hand or how much lube i use, it is always so tight.

i remember the first time i stretched my ears. i was at a party at my ex best friends house. i had previously bought 3mm sized tapers because i wanted to start stretching my ears. i chugged a can of jim beam and coke and said ‘brad, stretch me!’ it was hilarious. hayden’s younger brother, bailey, grabbed a cup of warm water (i didn’t want to have a shower) and i dipped my right ear lobe in it, lubed it up and brad shoved the taper in. i was shocked at first. the adrenaline rush of the whole situation prevented me feeling any pain, so i tried as quickly as possible to have my other lobe done. i got a little tipsy that night so i paid no attention to the pain. the next morning however, my ears throbbed.

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