boyfriend and i did anal and recorded my gape afterward and we watched it before going again.. it was fucking hot.

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had our first shower together, fucking rad. gave each other head and had sex. this kid is my perfect sexual match. you guys, i’m so happy.

i need a list of amazing gore or horror films that are worth watching.


i cannot wait to fuck my girlfriend for the first time. our first time together and her first time overall. i have so many ideas and positions in mind!
0409944169 (for non-australian residents +61409944169)

the person that owns this number keeps prank calling me with lame insults about my sex life. the worst thing it can come up with was ‘how is the anal going, tart?’ mind you she barely understand my properly formed english spoken sentences. probably from lack of education.

it’s all about how you present yourself.

you can have as much sex as you’d like without being called a whore or a slut, if you don’t act like one. have some class, some dignity and respect about yourself and you wont be seen in a negative light. i love sex and i’ll continue to keep having sex with whomever i’d like, when ever and where ever i’d like. the difference between me and a slut is that i demand respect when i walk into any room and i’m always given it. i go buck wild in the sack and i’ve done some degrading, disgusting, filthy things but i’m still respected because i demand it.

all i’m saying is don’t act like a cheap slut and then complain about being called names. society wont change, get used to it.

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notsecretyet said: did you have anal sex????

yes. finally, y’all have realised i lost my arse virgin. a month too late mind!

Anonymous said: What was your last sexual encounter like? In detail.

erm. he was a virgin. we were fooling around. i got undressed, so did he. i got a little rough, threw the kid around a bit. he, in turn, got aggressive which worked in my favour. he went down on me for a while. asked me to roll over, i complied. i thought we were going to have sex doggy style, he started eating my arse. it was an alarming start but he fingered both holes and i came. i went on top. he went on top. more anal play, and anal sex. vaginal sex. over all an averag experience purely because he went stage five. whilst in me he said ‘i’m an open relationship kind of guy’ mind, i’d just met him an hour prior. making strange comments about how he loves having sex with me and asked ‘why i chose to sleep with him’ and then got all butt hurt when i said ‘because you’re here’ he also, afterward, kept trying to hug/touch me. average.

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ask me questions, send me statements, or abuse me for no reason. anonymous or not. i need some entertainment.

ask box found here.

this weekend was above average

jason and i decided to call it quits, i just don’t see a future with him. we got so high and were munging out on salt and vinegar chips, chocolate, doritos, salsa dip, and lemonade. amber was so drunk (she doesn’t smoke), it was hilarious. we were walking around for a while, in the streets, and spontaneously stopping at parks. when we got home jason and i had some amazing sex and then fell asleep. my weekend was swell. sex, billiard table games, alcohol, sex, drugs, great company, and more sex.

i miss my girlfriend. damn it.

good news everybody!

all my lovely tumblr followers, you’ll be proud to know that i finally lost my anal virginity. now that, was a good time. i did a lot of firsts last night. one ridiculous first that shouldn’t have happened was him ejaculating inside me without a condom. i went to the chemist this afternoon and bought the levonorgestrel (‘the morning after pill’ {MAP}) tablet. after the first time he blew in me, i knew i’d be getting the MAP so through out the night it happened a few times, aha. we also did a few positions that i’d personally never tried before, that was amazing also. he’s a great friend of mine so it was a completely chill day and night. drinks, food, and a lot of sex!

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